Case mod

Hey guys so I got this idea for a little build inspired from Logan's honey badger and my goal is to bring this thing around and give people the idea that its just a little underpowered system and then blow their socks off, i'm talking a 4770k, GTX 780ti superclocked, the works. So I got my BitFenix prodigy case and my Corsair HX750 psu and to my dismay it's just a tad too big to put in and i'm not retuning the thing because I got it for $100 bucks on black friday. So i'm thinking that I need to cut some holes for the PCI power and SATA and I've never done any case mods before so I need some advice on what to use for cutting and how to give it a professional look vs that of a quick power drill session. 


Here are my pictures: Dropbox

A dremel or similar rotary tool. After you cut use a sanding disc to de-burr the edges. To create a more "stock" look simply cut at the ends of the existing slots. 

Thanks a ton this will be my first hardware mod so fingers crossed.....