[Case Mod Idea] 2013 Recap/ 2014 Preview

I'm building a pc and here are the specs : Click HERE.


4770K w/ Kraken x60 in a modded Corsair Air 540 Arctic White using bitfenix 140mm white fans to push rads, gelid solution wingLEDs for intake and a Aerocool Shark 140 for outtake while a GTX 780 Ti Classified pushes massive graphics. Handling by 1866 GSkill Ripjaws x in 8GB, a PNY XLR8 PRO 240GB SSD and a SeaGate 2Tb 7200rpm drive. peripherals include Madcatz strike 3 and mmo7, powered by an 850W NZXT HALE90V2 PSU Full-Modular 80+Gold under the powerful watch of a soon-to-be modded ASUS z87 SABERTOOTH running Windows 8.1.


I'm thinking about using these designs:

All logos will be stenciled in jet black over my white corsair air 540 in black paint:

Silhouette/Stencil of a Querty Keyboard (in 3D) for Watch Dogs</li>

The GTA V "V", inset by the Civ V "V", with the Saint's row Seal/Logo next to it

The pickaxe of Steamworld Dig

The Symbol/Hood of Assassin's Creed, maybe with a skull from ACIV, also Abstergo logo

Prison-Cell Bars for you guessed it ;)

Fifa soccer ball (because it's awesome and they fixed drag coefficient)

Jeb, cuz he's pretty jeest

Batman, cuz I'm Batman (in a gravelly-deep voice)

Transformers Logo (Cuz why not)

BF4. Nuff Said

Bioshock Infinite Logo with my youtube Channel name on it (Alonminatti Gaming Network)

Transformers Logo/SoccerBalls/Lacrosse stick cuz they add spice 

A silhouette/stencil of the two brothers in Brothers: A tale of two sons

A Batarang for Arkham Origins

The Ghost face for Cod Ghosts

The crysis logo for crysis 3

The  main character of Dead rising 3 in full stencil fashion

The guy from Device 6 (Tux dude w/ bowler/top hat)

Main character of DmC (Devil May Cry)

Devil guy in Diablo III

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Character (cant remember his name)

Messi from FIFA 14

Orange Forza Car (can't remember the name)

GearsoW gun and skull gear

GodoW Face (Kratos)

gone home portrait of the redheaded girl (havent played it yet so i dont know her name)

Gran tourismo 6 logo

the injustice picture with Joker, Flash, and green lantern + wonderwoman and the cyborg


The Last of Us scene where the girl is looking back

Metro Last Light Tree or maybe just the M Logo, could be the one where the gas-masked

guy is looking up

Metal Gear Rising half/half picture

Papers Please Labor Lottery logo

Assorted Payday 2 masks (alien, cthulhu, and logo)

Planetary annihilation (SO MUCH YES!) (Planet Mid-Nuke)

Jebediah Kerman and his ridiculous rocketing contraptions

Rocksmith Guitar + epic font underlay

a picture of the main guy in splinter cell blacklist

The chick with the mechanical dreads (i cant remember her/their name, i havent played

starcraft since 2011) from the SCII HotS cover

Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Butters with Cartman holding the Stick of Truth

Lara croft with her bow retracted looking up at the sky

The alien from XCOM

And Zelda

RECOMMENDATIONS are appreciated for anything, from stencil design choices, to stencil material, to SPRAY PAINT, i need a recommendation on spraypaint, and games/designs for said games. If anyone could make me a stencil that'd be great

Link for current picture downloads: HERE

Also, titanfall, elder scrolls online, thief, the order: 1866, witcher 3, Wolfenstein, and destiny will be featured