Case help

So I'm planning on building a computer soon... I want to build it in the Silverstone FT03... But I feel like is not very efficient space and cooling wise...

I'm wondering if you guys know if there are any cases similar to the FT03 within this criteria

  • I/O needs to be on the top (will be on a platform on the floor)
  • 90 degree rotated motherboard (like FT03, if not that's fine... )
  • Good/great cooling capacity (would like to fit a h100i if at all possible)
  • Possibly more compact
  • M-ATX preferably
  • At least one spot for a ssd (2.5") and a hdd (3.5")
  • Color - Preferably Red/Black or just Black
  • Don't care what material it's made of... Just as long as it's built well... :)

I may just build my own case... :P

Any suggestions would be helpful! :D


Note: Criteria may change in the future... :)

I love your profile picture. That's all I have to say. <3

I don't think there is a M-ATX case in that configuration. All I have to say is good luck. :P

A little google foo.

Not as compact as the FT03... :) I have considered this case...

I believe @Kat was mentioning 90 degree motherboards, might be worth asking their opinion on it.

You'll be hard pressed to find anything that suits your needs and is better than the matx FT03, they're an amazing piece of design. Dont bother with a h100, I'd be grabbing something like a d14 provided you have low profile ram.
Wouldnt be all that hard to build what you want, would be +1 to epeen if you did a nice job of it.

Silverstone is the ONLY OEM that has a 90 degree orientation motherboard layout designed cases. As for the mATX form factor, you're stuck with Silverstone, the FT03. (which is an awesome case, it's the case i have currently) the only thing that is bad is there is no window to see your components.

Also other honorable mentions that have 90 motherboard orientation cases is Lian-Li (but strictly in the ITX form factor. And CaseLabs (only in the ATX form-factor)

Also if you want to know how it is building in this case here's my build log

Okay... :( Awesome! Thanks! :D