Case Help

Hey I was wondering if the NZXT source 210 case will be able to fit a CM hyper 212 EVO heatsink? THX!

From the dimensions that I've seen, It doesn't seem like the 212 would fit. The case says it supports heatsinks up to 160mm high. The 212 is supposedly 159mm. So it's mathematically possible. But unprobable.

It should have no difficulties fitting then, because they measure from the top of the processor heat spreader, likely they have a couple mm of extra space just to be safe, because it is a little silly to go designing a case like that and then make it unable to hold your standard 120mm fanned heatsinks. The really funny part is that I've got myself a Thermalright True 120 that I'm going to be installing onto my newest rig that is being housed in my old HP Pavilion 752n case. And it fits, miraculously.