Case fans?

I'm looking to put a couple 140 fans in my computer. I want to know what would be the best choice for high performance fans for around 15 bucks each?

Corsair AF140mm High Performance editions; great looking, quiet, and high performing


Bitfenix Specter, or NZXT fans, just about any of theirs are good.

What do you consider High performance ? i know the Fractal 140mm fans i have are pretty good at moving air and are whisper quiet.

Really? My Fractal 140mm fans in my Fractal Design Define XL USB 3.0 were hell-a-loud, so I replaced them with Corsair AF140mm Quiet editions and a 180mm SilverStone.

Yep, i have 2x in the front and 1x in the rear, dont know if you got the older version though as these are the silent series R2 fans, they're rated for 19 dB(A) and i dont think they cheated when they tested them, the only thing i hear from them at 12v is the air they're pishing moving through my drive cage, and at 7v or 5v i cant hear them over just normal background noise.