Case Fans

Starting off , I don't know if this is the right forum to post it , but , I recently got a H80 for my rig and that replaced my back fan . So , I have one fan to spare and I wish to put it in front of the case so the cool air will go inside , but I also plan to mount one more fan for better cooling . My first question is , what is the best setup to go with these fans and second , what fans do you suggest ? Thank you very much in advance ! Max :)

Posting a diagram of your case with which way the fans are blowing the air would be helpful to help with your case airflow, also for case fans it doesn't matter all too much. I'd say get some Yate Loon fans for whatever speed you think necessary, I'd probably get some low RPM ones.

what case are you using? also what are you aiming to achieve in the form of performance to noise ratio, or maybe you dont get about noise want a good overhead to work with while over clocking

Yeah , I will be overclocking but I would want my computer to not be so loud , also my case is AeroCool VS-9 

well for your h80 make sure you got matching fans or fans that match rpm and pressure effect, static, positive etc. also if the case will allow it roof mount the the h80 as hot air rises after all. if you can live without a disk drive go for 3 120mm fans in the front for sure to pull air in in your case i would use the corsair sp120 quiet editions for this bit. side panel fans to push air out are completely optional, this will benefit your graphics sard more than anything. hope this helps

Thanks very much , sure did ;)