Case fans

I have a corsair 550D I just bought and it's running a little hot. I want to cool the interios with new case fans but since I have never owned anything other than stock can somebody give me some recommendations on cpu fans. I need the bang for the buck on this one where my system interior can be cooled without being loud.

That's not bad, I have been looking at some coolermaster ones. Still up for more options though.

I'm using the Cooler Master R4's myself right now. I know not a lot of people like them anymore, but I can't seem to figure out why. I thought they were rattling at first, but I took out a couple of the Megaflows in my case today and I can't hear any rattling anymore. People have said the R4's can degrade over time, but I've never run into that problem.

There are some other fans that I really want to try out sometime too like the new Corsair SP100 and the Gelid Solutions FN-FW12BPL-18. I've heard Scythe Slipstreams are nice too.

A lot of people rave about Noctua fans too, but I would never buy one. You can find other fans that push a lot more air and are just as quiet. Not to mention that Noctua fans are uglier than hell.

Actually, I just found this fan and at 74CFM and only 15 dBa it seems amazing. However, it does seem a little too good to be true. Does anyone really believe it would be 15 dBa? Also, I commented on this because i didn't want to start a new forum if we already had one that was only a few days old!

I've never used SilenX fans before, but I've never heard anything good about them. Anyone who's ever used them always says they are pretty shitty.

^^ Lol true true. Noctua fans are very good though, and the 550d wouldnt have a window so you wouldnt see them.

Stay away from the SilentX brand. I was forced to buy one recently to make do until I could get the one I wanted and the first one was bad out of the box. The second one didn't light up as promised and noisy as hell. Noctua(agree, ugly as hell) and Thermalright are nice but pricey. Have an Aerocool Shark 120mm (evil green with leds) that pushes 82 at 26db. Looks good too.Can't speak for the longevity. This wouldn't be a cpu fan though.

I have been thinking of purchasing a bunch of fan (different sizes and brands) and doing a review as this issue has come up a lot for me lately. Maybe when my world calms down.

Good luck and let us know what you decide on and the results.

Haha, at least you guys didn't buy a pair of Deltas. Im kinda afraid to use them... mine run at 63 db but it pushes at 214CFM. Damn things hover and if i link them together its more powerful than my desk fan lol

i have the NZXT fans in my case, the white ones, and they are quiet even on full blast. had them for a few months now. no problems