Case Fans

I'm looking for a (or maybe two) good 180mm and one 140mm fan for my Arc Midi. If you think I should go with a different fan configuration there is the info for what I can fit in my case

Cooling system

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  • Fan controller for 3 fans included
  • 1 front mounted Fractal Design 140mm fan @ 1000rpm included
  • 1 rear mounted Fractal Design 140mm fan @ 1000rpm included
  • 1 top mounted Fractal Design 140mm fan @ 1000rpm included
  • Additional 5 fan slots available for optional fans; one 140mmin front, one 120/140mm in bottom, two 120/140mm in top and one 140/180mm in side panel
  • Top panel can mount either 3x 120mm fans, 3x 140mm fans or 1x 180mm + 1x 120/140mm fans

well what are you going for? max airflow or silence?

A balance on both but more to the side of max airflow

I personally like these:

Cooler Master Sickleflow/R4:

GELID Solutions FN-FW12:


BitFenix Spectre Pro:

Noctua Fans:

Ugly as they are, I generally recommend Noctua fans to everyone.


Oh and please lord, stay away from scythe. I had one ignite. In my case. Yes. A fan. Ignited. And sent hot ass plastic everywhere and smoked up the area.

I've also heard good things about Phanteks:

Do you guys know any good 180mm fans. I've heard that silverstone has some nice ones

whatever you do, dont bother getting Noctua.


They are good fans, but they cost ALLOT (specially when you add them up) more than other fans which are just as good and silent, and also looks nice. Noctua fans are just a gimmick and many people buy them because they are recognisable and think they are the best. When in reality they are very overpriced.

I use these they are quiet and have high air flow!!