Case and CPU cooler question

Hi Everyone, new to the site here and I was wondering if I could ask a question.

I'm looking at purchasing the Fractual Design Define R4 Black Pearl case in the new year and I was wondering if my my components will fit inside this case, my components will be listed at the bottom of this message but my main concern is weather my CPU cooler will fit in the case, it is a Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev.A CPU Cooler for Intel and AMD with a 140mm silent fan and in my current case (Antec 902 pre USB 3.0) It only just fits, So I was wondering if someone can advise me on this matter please.

Case:- Antec 902 
CPU:- I7 3770K 
CPU Cooler:- Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev.A 
Motherboard:- MSI Z77A-GD55 
Memory:- Corsair 1600Mhz 8GB 
Storage:- 120GB SSD + 2TB HDD 
GPU:- GTX 470 
PSU:- Corsair 850 Modular


The Define R4 is quite a bit wider than the R3. It is also a whole inch wider than your Antec 902 so it should fit.

I looked up your cpu cooler and it is apparentely 162mm tall, the r4 product page says it has room for 170mm max cpu coolers so you should have 8mm which isnt much. I wouldn't worry too much about it but I'd still look at other cases.


CPU cooler


Thanks for the reply guys it's much appreciated.


Yea 8mm clearance isnt much what other cases would you recomend? I'd like to keep the minimalistic theme of the R4 along with the quiet case qualitys, one thing I really want though is air filters be be attatched to it from supplyer and to be able to have easy acces to removing and cleaning the air filters, currently I have to half take appart the whole case just to clean the air filters, oh and enough space to fit the biggest of GPU's too.



I'm using a Hyper 212 EVO (159mm) with a Fractal-Design R3 (165mm max) which leaves like 6mm and it works totally fine.

Thanks for the reply jeffrly, that give me some more confidence about going for the R4 if their is no other alternatives that I like