Carrion (Pixel Art Reverse Horror game)

If you are a fan of pixel-art-retro-dos style of games, then you should check out this little overlooked summer gem.

John Carpenters The Thing meets Pixel-art-Dos game. Also has some light Metroidvania elements. gameplay, atmosphere and the soundtrack are great.

I recorded some gameplay check it out:


It very quickly becomes annoying.
Everyone complain about it and I am in full agreement with them - when you have a multiscreen multilevel maze map find a way to implement a map. And they can - just add a large map screen as if you tell the scientists where they are and where they can go. Just a regional map or something, in the background.

But other than that, man I want to know the code for the tentacles. It’s brilliant how it just shoots tentacles and attaches them to walls and ceiling and it moves that way. It’s amazing visually. Other than that - map screen please…

Finished it without the map, git gud.

To be completely fair, it wasn’t until the very end of the game where I had nowhere left to go that I finally realized you could use your hard attack to break glass (and get into the final area)… Prior to that I was taking over guards to shoot glass when needed. That took me a while…

I really am missing Total Biscuit and his reviews. I am just wondering what would he say about this.


He didn’t really enjoy puzzle platformers, but he would have enjoyed the theme. Most likely he would have approved of this game. I bet he would ask for a map :stuck_out_tongue:

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