Carrie Fisher Dead

Carrie Fisher has died at the age of 60.

Yeah I just read. Bummer to hear

RIP General Organa

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Was she planned to be in SW8?

Apparently they finished filming just recently.

I'm really sad, I almost started crying.


PS: I didn't like her coming out and talking about some sort of affair she had with Harrison Ford before her death though.

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I literally dropped my phone and jumped back when I saw it at work.

I was THE Star Wars nerd at school, it was my reputation then. But eventually you grow up and see how much prequels suck and the Expanded Universe is a hot mess and you realize that the franchise doesn't have anything left to offer you anymore.

That's why I wasn't excited at all for the new movie, and I still haven't seen it. I became comfortable with the fact that I wouldn't ever see Luke or Leia or Han ever again in a movie. I said goodbye to those characters a long time ago. So when the new movie was announced I was just like "why?" I couldn't motivate myself to care. I had moved on.

But even still, this was one heck of a bitter pill to swallow. This ruined my day. I got home from work and had a few swallows of whiskey and a cigar while listening to the soundtrack a bit. Will watch A New Hope tonight.


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Thats horrible. Out of all the celebrity deaths this year, this is the one thats the hardest for me to swallow...

rip lady

Rest in peace...

Goddamnit 2016.


cocaine destroys your heart, she sowed the seeds of her own demise years ago, the reaper just now came to collect.

2016 is just tryin' to get in all the celebrities it can before it's all over, smh.

was put in the funny stuff thread but it's true...

They took Lemmy coming into the year and Leia going out


The Holy trilogy of star wars movies were my childhood really. ol dad would always test out whatever sound equipment he got with the intro of episode 4. then we would watch them through every time.

RIP Carrie fisher.

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Normally I really wouldn't care, but for what ever reason this death seems to be weird to me.

Its not sadness, its not any sort of feeling of loss. It just feels weird. Like something is off or out of place.

People often have weird feelings when celebrities with poor health die young. Kinda like the people who still think that Elvis Presley is somehow not dead.

Wait, are you her husband or child?
Otherwise, I don't see how that would be a problem for you.

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