Hey, Logan and Wendell.

For a career I would like to do Computer Engineering. I have been around computers a long time and I love them. I would love to pursue a job in Computer Engineering but it will take a long time to get through school. 

I really love what you guys do on YouTube. You guys rule. You guys occasionally refer to your "jobs". 

So my question is. What do you guys do for a living, and how did you get there?

Wendell runs a server and computer repair service, if i interpret correctly.

This is unrelated to your question, but if you're interesting in computer engineering it is good to have a strong interest in mathematics and physics on top of your love for software and hardware. Most electrical/electronic/computer engineering bachelor degrees involve advanced maths like calculus, matrices, complex numbers etc and you'll most likely study electromagnetism, optics and some quantum theory.

I'm not very strong in math is what my problem is... I love building and working on computers, that's why I was interested in Comp. Engineering. But I would like to do something Logan is doing, or hell even the guys over at Newegg or even Linus. I just want to know how to get there.

Logan, Linus and the people who work for Newegg are more entertainers than engineers. They use their knowledge of technology to inform rather than to design (at least on their YouTube channels, they also work for non-entertainment companies like Wendell and Qain do). If maths is a struggle, perhaps a degree in computer science would suit you more. There is still maths involved, but not as heavy as engineering maths. Then you'll have a solid knowledge of programming, hardware and peripherals at a university level and could become an informer yourself if you choose to work for the entertainment industry.