Cards way to hot! plz help

ok, my 4890s idle around 55 and 60 degrees, according to ATI this is fine and they are meant to run warm, well... the only reason they do run like this is because the fans done speed up till they hit almost 80 degrees! so does anyone know of any good software that lets you set temperatures for your fan speed to turn up? im tired of having to alt-tab out of games to manually increase my fan speed.

Why not just have it at high fan speed at all times?

I think rivatuner got a feature to auto adjust speed/temp

You must've never heard the 4890s on high fan speed. It's louder than a vacuum cleaner.

Yeah Rivatuner will work or even ATI overdrive which would be easier.

My brother's idled at 67c and went to like 73 under load and that is with good cooling. So your idle temps are very normal if not better than average.

Have you ever ran the ATI auto overclock? It tests your temps to how high it can withstand an overclock and I've seen some go up to 110c without having a problem.

well, i was knew ati cards are hot, but wow... never knew they could get to 110 without problems... i just dont like sing numbers that high, but thanks :P

55c idle isnt insane at all. my old 8800gts 320, holy shit that thing was a volcano. it idled at like 65c and got to 90c load. my gtx 260 on the other hand idles at like 39 and tops at 60 in games... that things COLD.

how many times did you call evga cus it was too hot lol

Exactly, so 55-60 you shouldn't worry about at all. What are your load temps without the fan speed turned up?

umm, depends on the game.... i guess the most brutal thing i have thrown at em is [email protected], and it gets to like 70-75 (and then i usually turn the fan to like 50%) so im not entirely sure, i guess ill fold for an hour and come back and see what the temps are.

ok idle:
card 1: 60 degrees
card 2: 60 degrees

after 10 minutes:
card 1: 70 degrees
card 2: 61 degrees
(2nd card is not being used by [email protected] so ill only give main card temp from now on)

ok, its been like another 10 minutes, still same temperatures.....
so load is 71 degrees, although it has gotten hotter before, i guess the rooms temp s lower then normal.

Nope, me and my friend both have 8800GTS (320 and 640, not the 65nm 512) so both cards are massive 90nm and run just about the same temps.

Well, 71 isn't bad at all and it's very normal. You should start worrying when it reaches 80-90.