Card suggestion for raid 6 array

I want to run a sata 5 drive raid 6 array (plus a system dive for 6 total) on my centos general purpose server. I know raid circa 2001, 10k scsi and adaptec, but the hardware has changed since then. I’ve been looking at the LSI based card because while I want to run raid, I’d like the option to flash to IT mode to run FreeNAS if the spirit moves me.

With the LSI family of cards, which cables interface (is 8087 a proper name?) to the drives? how many drives can I run off those 2 ports? Can I easily add to the array or is that something better handled by freenas? are any of the card “preferred” over any other?


generally 4 per connector

is one of the more knowledgeable people here on all the different cards and what not. You can check with freenas to see what cars are supported if you are going to be using that.


You can run 4 drives per sff 8087. I’d suggest the IBM m1015. You can flash it to IT mode with some ease and it’s pretty well documented.


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