Card Games what do you play now or use to?

What games have you left for others or have stop entirely aka What Card games do you used to play and what are you playing now and have stopped playing due to personal issues like money.

Me? YuGiOh and Cardfight Vanguard and now I have stopped just gotta collect a few things and store it in a Tin for safekeeping.

YuGiOh, Acouple of my friends still have some drinking nights and then end up dueling for the sake of it.

i used to play pokemon and yugioh back in elementry/middle/high school and got in to magic the gathering in high school which i still play. I also enjoy playing deck building games like ascension and star realms.

I play yu gi oh on da. I also collect but I don't play with my physical cards. I also have some Pokemon and Magic cards.

I used to play competitive Magic The Gathering, but it simply cost too much to keep up with every new release of cards. Though I still now and then bring out the old cards and play with some friends while enjoying a good beer ;)

I've also played a bit of Pokemon.

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I play YuGiOh, magic, and heathstone

That's why some people play vintage. I bought my wife a 100 dollar box of cards for christmas and the shit's already outdated. It's just not right.

I used to be really into Duel Masters. The lore was very imaginative. I ended up getting into M:tG since it was the closest thing to Duel Masters that people actually played, but I still have my Liquid People/Armored Dragon deck in a box somewhere.