Card for super heavy Substance Painter

Just had a call with client and Substance Painter pretty much crashed. Adding more than four ordinary level complex Substance layers makes the performance tank. I would consider this unbearable situation.
The later versions of Substance Painter seem to be much more demanding on the hardware now that it supports several texture sets simultaneously.

So I have 2080 super and 64 gigs of ram.

As this seems to seriously compromise my ability to work I wonder what options I have? Buy 3090 when it arrives? Or Quadro RTX? 3090 does have a sweet VRAM amount. But problem is that I would need it like tomorrow.

I guess only way to do is to be super conservative in the way I use Substance.

IDK if Substance Painter is just using the CUDA cores like how Iray or Cycles would? The 2080TI has lots more VRAM and CUDA cores and renders really fast.

Yes, it does have 3GB more VRAM, but that’s nowhere near enough, also the card in question will continue being very expensive for very long time here most likely, I would guess.
Is the difference in CUDA cores and overall speed large enough?

If 3GB more VRAM isn’t enough, then you might be able to put a 2nd card with NvLink which gives you the VRAM of both cards, unlike SLI). Otherwise I think you’re stuck with Titan RTX or Quadro (oof!) if you can’t wait for RTX3090 (that looks a lot like the next gen Titan?).

I guess you’d need to look at Substance Painter specific benchmarks, too, For Blender, you can look here to get an idea:

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