Car audio Specalist (SA-12 D2)

I just got into car audio and professional sub-woofer and bass reproduction.

I've been researching for the past week and learned about the potential of sundowns SA line of subs. I came to the conclusion that i wanted the SA-12 because price, size and performance.


I like reference bass (punchy). My music choices include D&B, Metal-core, and Dance Hall. i wish to keep the bass as close to what the artist intend the track to sound.


IDK if anyone has done this before but i ant the box to be able to play in car and also be pulled out and played at the house. I just need to know how to power them out the car.


I need a box design that would deliver the audio performance i desire. 


The amp i looking at are the Hifonics BRX1600.1D or the BRX1100.1D also heard good things about MB Quart ONX1.1000D and MB Quart ONX1.1600D . I might go for the MB, unless someone has a better suggestion? BUDGET around $200...less will be good


please help me get the components right so i can move on to the next step of my audio journey ty


Ive been on SMD made a post and waiting for reply so decide to post here too

your 200$ budget is for the whole system? not clear

you want a Bass reflex box with 10's tuned to about 35MHz

get car  amps and to power them in the howse get some psu and make a swich with the green and a black wire 

but make sure it has a noff power 

ps yellow i sthe 12v 

black is the ground