Car Audio: Post your Systems!

So, was discussing this idea with Behemoth on another post about how there isn't a thread dedicated to showing off car audio, and I said I would start one. A few days later I finally got around to it. I think this is the right place for it? If not I am sure a mod will yell at me and move it somewhere else or dig up another thread about the same thing that was buried months ago.

Post Pics of your system and/or relevant information about it!

I will get this started with my system. Links to speakers:







yes I know the pic quality sucks, and my truck is dirty, but I can't afford a better phone and can't be bothered to clean my truck right now lol.


I have had my car for damn near 7 years and I just now put a new headunit in it. I still have the stock speakers. I have a spare amp in the garage that I may use when I upgrade my speakers. 

That head looks huge lol, but its nice. You should def save up to put some nice speakers in, and a sub. Although don't bother getting a 6 or 8 inch sub. Grab a 10 if you want fast bass (high bpm or double bass pedals), or a 12 if you want the deep bass. If your stock speakers arent bad grab the sub first, because Subs are cheaper than door speakers.

I have a 97 acura cl I put in a JVC head unit with bluetooth and usb on it which is nice.  My car has a bose system stock and there is an amp build in that allows the polk audio db651 that I put in to get nice and loud.  Then in the trunk I have a rockford punch 300watt amp running a 10in MTX sub in a sealed box.  Only spent like $300 on everything.

Nice! I bet it sounds good. I spent $520 on my system.

I have the stock shit in my '01 impala. Shit so old its just cassette, and the radio sucks so bad, therefore i have no reason to invest money into audio quality 

Well the stock radio in the Corolla was the same size lol. Stock speakers are "ok" but I can tell that I am not getting all the sounds.

Ah nice you made it :D This is a nooby question but how do you upload pictures? It asks for links to websites which is confusing me at the moment..

Not much to show in mine. A 3rd/4th hand alpine headunit (about 7-8 years old) and a gen2 ipod nano.

You can just about see the HU here

I keep wanting to upgrade it but I think I'm being too picky with what I want from a new HU.

You need to copy the picture and paste it into the comment area. ^ this was me testing various things until I figured out exactly what it was lol.

Ford Escort by any chance?

96 GMC Sierra, 4.3 Liter V6 chevy engine, 4 speed automatic. and if you know anything about this model and year of truck, you would find the automatic tranny strange since they came stock with a 4 speed manual.

Ok so i just decided to make a photobucket so here's some pics!


The specs are kind of all over the place but it's a Focal system with a 13" 400w RMS Sub, 4x mid range 4 or 5 inch speakers (the let down) and 2x probably 1 inch tweeters with very high frequency response (up to about 23k i think). There are also some woofers under the seats but they should be removed because they're stock and keep clipping :/ Also the HU/UI is very average but you can't change it unfortunately :(

Why the hell didn't the damn pictures work? >:( I selected the IMG too

Alpine best quality HU´s arround. ☺

Thanks! i re posted them

Nice system and car. sucks you can't swap out the Head. Well, if you took your car to the guy who put my system in he could swap out the head, but I doubt you live anywhere near me.

Nah i don't think he would either coz the head is part of the OS for the actual car itself haha, so the car wouldn't even work which makes it a pretty shitty design. I live out in New Zealand so yeah we probably aren't near by to each other hahahah