Capture in ubuntu 22.10

Hi everyone, i am running a new fresh install of ubuntu 22.10 i am having issues with capture scrlk not working correctly. It does not lock so pressing super in windows open window management in ubuntu and not start in windows. it does also not block alt+f4 so it closes looking glass insted of windows app.

When you press the capture key (Scroll Lock) do you see a green Capture Enabled message?

Yes, then when i press super window management. if i press Scroll lock again i see the green Capture Enabled again

Unfortunately if your window manager has already bound to keys (like the super key) LG can not overtake this binding. You will need to find an alternative solution such as using a different super key for your host system.

Okay cool and thanks.

btw this worked in ubuntu 22.04 btw

It’s the desktop environment you’re using and it’s version that matters. With Linux, saying you use X distro is like saying “I drive a car”… it doesn’t tell us what software you have installed or how your system is configured.

Okay, just tested login with xorg instead of wayland i believe. and here capture works. though start will not show when pressing super. but alt + f4 will show options to shutdown windows instead of closing looking glass.

xorg and wayland are not desktop environments but rather the display server. Gnome/KDE/Cinnamon/i3/Sway are desktop environments.

Ahh okay :slight_smile: i use stock ubuntu so that should be gnome. but it seems strange that there is a difference between xorg and wayland.

Not really as they have entirely different methods of implementing keyboard interaction. Xorg is older and capture doesn’t work the same.

Hi again so i have traced the issue on this a little more.

I can say capture works on ubuntu 22.10 and in wayland. however it is some what unstable. but from what i have found is that launching the client from a .desktop file breaks the capture. i believe it is some state i do not know how to disable. launching from terminal gives the same result if the .desktop file is there. if i delete the .desktop file and launch the same client from terminal i get a popup if i want the client to overwrite keyboard shortcuts and capture then works