Capture Card With 3 HDMI inputs

So if logan or windle can answer me this i would aprishate it.

So im going to be directing a live show for youtube in the comming mounths and i need a capture card with at least 3 HDMI inputs. If it is extrunal thats fine but if so it need to be thunderbolt.



P.S. Please answer this, The Internet is not helpful any more

What you're looking for does not exist outside of extremely expensive professional A/V equipment. You're going to have to settle for three cards with one hdmi input each. And... lets be honest, if what you're doing is important, it would be highly advisable not to pass all your video feeds through one card since if it fails, or has a glitch, you will lose all three video feeds.

Alternatively, if you only need to show one feed at a time, you could get a single card with one hdmi port and a three port hdmi switch and use it to switch views on the fly. Whether or not this would produce a noticeable blank screen between switches is dependent on the switch, but this is the most realistic option available at this time. Buy a well known brand like hauppauge and you shouldn't experience any glitches or failures.

so i could use something like a blackmagic design card and just have 3 of them?