Can't update to B6-rc1

I wanted to update to the new RC, because I was looking for a way to get the mic working in my VM and my host at the same time.
I downloaded the Host Binary straight from the download site, uninstalled the previous (B5), installed the new RC Host and then went on my linux machine and built the client from the git. On start the client printed an error message that the versions are incompatible. I verified every version and it still didn’t work. I reinstalled the B5 version from the AUR and when I started this client version it printed an error saying that the Host is RC6 and the Client B5. So I guess the RC6 should have worked?
I found no way to fix it, so at the moment I’m back on B5.

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Please don’t build from GIT. Git should only be used if you are a developer, or an advanced user that is assisting in development. All others are requested to download and build the client tarball from the download page that corresponds to the host application you’ve installed in Windows. It is listed as Source on the download page. Also, if you require additional support, we would appreciate if you could please post the client and host application logs.

Thank you!
This did indeed solve the issue. Although now I haven’t been able to get the audio working. Is there something I need to configure, like adding a spice audio device?

The looking glass client shows a notification in the top left corner when I say something, but the host doesn’t recieve any input from the mic.

Have you read and followed the documentation?

I have no clue as to what are you trying to accomplish that doesn’t work.
The microphone blinking marker is on the right upper side of the screen, not left side and it shows up when you start an application that requires an audio input on the Windows VM guest, not when you speak. Receiving mic input by the host has nothing to do with LG.

Yes, I repeated every step.

I’m sorry, yesterday I thought the symbol shows up only when talking, like in teams or discord.