Can't torrent

So, my college blocks torrenting. No big deal. Steganos had a giveaway for free VPN keys, at a 2gb/month limit. I've been using that (very) sparingly. I got a few of the keys, and just hit my limit... now I have a problem. I need to download #! linux... but I can only find a torrent mirror... I can't even download the .torrent file because apparently my university is blocking that as well. It's a damn shame that I can't download something legitimate. 

So, problem: I can't change the key without (I assume) clearing the old information from the registry, which isn't done by uninstalling the VPN software. So, I guess I either need to find out how to clear that from the registry or find another way to bypass the stupid block.

just download an iso?

"I can only find a torrent mirror"

Did you even read my post?

then you aren't looking hard enough, what distro?

They don't just offer a torrent option, by the way. Download Crunchbang normally instead of torrenting it, it's a simple situation.

Weird. I don't see a non-torrent download...?

Did you still not read my post?

There you go.

Found that... the issue of not being able to torrent obviously still exists, though. Anything I can do about that so I don't have to deal with 30 minute downloads on stuff like this?

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah is what im hearing.

or I'm asking for help... the community on this forum can be horrible sometimes.

I agree, it can be very horrible sometimes. However, you got your solution, so I don't understand the problem? I hope I'm not coming off as insulting, I'm trying to be helpful here.

You shouldn't use .torrent files, you should really use the magnet links where possible.

Plus you can just download the .torrents via a free proxy.

my good sir you are college campus right.  why not ask around for a ios for linux.


Same problem here mate. Only thing I can think of is to buy a VPN service which supports torrenting and has high download limits. Not sure which is the best software out there yet...

just take the 30 mins to download the iso. you think you'll save time  by downloading a torrent via VPN?