Can't start Gnome on Arch

I have Arch running in Virtualbox.

I installed gnome and gnome-extra

I put "exce gnome-session" in ~/.xinitrc

"startx" wont work from a user account, I get something like "Bash: "startx" not known"

bla bla bla

What can I do?

Could you please outline what steps you have taken to install Gnome? Also which version of Gnome and Arch are you attempting to use?

I'm on the newest version of Arch, newest version of Gnome 3

This is exactly what I did:

pacman -S gnome

pacman -S gnome-extra

touch .xinitrc

nano .xinitrc

added "exce gnome-session" to .xinitrc

(I did all of that as root)

I logged into my user account


"-bash: startx: command not found"


Once logged in try running "xinit gnome-session". Do any errors occur?


I now get "-bash: xinit: command not found"

Install Xserver. You need Xserver to run any DE.


sudo pacman -S xorg-server xorg-server-utils xorg-xinit mesa

Thanks for responding, I literally just found out I needed to install those.