Can't shut down computer

I build a new pc and everything works fine except it can't shut down. I have tried most things to shut it down but it doesn't work. So i think it could be a problem with the hardware however I don't know which part to replace. If any one has any idea how to solve the problem please comment. Thank you.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Wow. Yes 

It seems you don't quite get the reference or the joke.

ever thought about windows updates?

Are you shutting down in windows?

Make a vbs file or simular with the command to shut down the computer maybe? Would be interesting to see if that worked.

You're pretty vague in describing your problem.  You say you've tried most things, but that tells us nothing.  Tell us what you've tried.  Also, give some details about your computer, especially what OS you're running.