Cant seem to control fan speeds at all?

Hey so ive overclocked my CPU thats being cooled by my corsair H80i. I wanted to bring the temps down a bit so I figured I had to increase my fan speeds. So I go into Corsair Link and or course that program is trash and it wont change anything at all. So I went into the BIOS to change the fan controls and I can set my CPU fans to run at 100% and nothing changes. They still run between 800-1200rpm depending on load. Any ideas what it going on? Do I need to by a fan controller to actually do this?

Prepare a bonfire, throw the H80i in it and stop buying overhyped overpriced pieces of crap. I don't knowif that is true eeverywhere, but in my country there are 240mm AIOs cheaper then Corsairs crap. 

Now I am not 100% how this garbage works, but you can plug a fan directly to a 12V, right? Replace the stupid Corsair fan with a quiet one from BeQuiet, Noctua, Enermax, Bitfenix or whatever, and plug it to a molex.