Can't play youtube videos in HD

I have Fedora 22 installed.
Using Firefox to browse. When i go to youtube I can play all videos only in 360p even though they are available in 720 or 1080p. I assume that the intel graphic drivers are incorporated inside the kernel.
So I wanted to know if I can watch youtube in HD without having to install flash-plugin. Because apparently flash has security vulnerability. HTML5 should be able to play HD videos but I don't know what i need to do to make it work.

Theres a setting in youtube somewhere for your account to not use flash and only use the HTML5 video wrapper. You should look that up and do it. :P

Don't have youtube account. :|

Flash is about the only way to go, and when hasn't flash had a venerability

Use chromium or chrome. There they play in HD.
Probably because of flash html issue as the others said.
You could use different browsers for different things maybe.

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You should get one then :P

it looks like some functions are not supported in Firefox
Media Source Extension
MSE & H.264
MSE & WebM VP9

Could this be the reason why i can't play HD in HTML5?

If you have all the necessary gstreamer plugins installed you can watch yt vids without flash in 720p in firefox, but not in 1080p, you need chromium or chrome for that.
Its a google thing... in other sites, apart from yt, html5 1080p works fine in firefox

How do i install them. And just now I installed the Flash extension and can't play videos at all.
What did i do wrong?

You could try and go forced embed and HTML5, works for me and my firefox. I don't know if its a plugin issue or not but worth a try.

A regular youtube looks like this.

an embeded looks like

force HTML5 and embed looks like

Check your HTML5 status on
I hope it helps.

Dunno about the flash problem, did you install the correct version? If you're using chromium then the correct flashplugin is 'pepperflash'.
To install the necessary plugins you'll need to add the rpm fusion repo to your package manager, and then install the 'gstreamer-plugins-good', 'gstreamer-plugins-ugly' & maybe 'gstreamer-plugins-bad'.
Check this site for the how-to

I installed Vivaldi instead (I'm such a rebel lol) and now Youtube HD works fine. But i want to get it working on FF.

I just went to the Add-ons manager and installed Youtube Flash Player 1.4.0 by Maxime RF. I will remove it now.

I already have the RPM fusion repo. Does this look right?

Looks right allright, got the vids to 720p in firefox?

After install I restarted FF but still can't play HD.

Open up about:buildconfig - under 'Configure arguments' can you see '--enable-gstreamer=1.0' ?

Ive posted about this before on here somewhere.

Go to about:config

search for mp4

Enable all options.

search for mediasource

enable all options

That should enable mp4 and webm extensions.

dont use flash that crap is horrific

edit: i made a howto

hmm.... Where do i find this about:buildconfig
I'm been on linux for like 2 weeks.

type it in the address bar, also check what @Eden proposed, however experiment with the 'media.fragmented-mp4.use-blank-decoder' option, it might cause problems

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Found it. Yes it's there.