Can't overclock my 7870 Ghz edition

I'm not sure whether to post this to this forum or software, but I can't use the HIS iTurbo software to overclock my 7870, Because my Anti-virus (Trend Micro titanium) warns me it's a dangerous file. Even if I allow the file access to my files, the program just won't open. Opening as administrator won't work either, and I've tried uninstalling and re-installing. Anyone know an alternative or a fix to this? 

Maybe try temporarily disabling your anti virus.

If that fails go for MSi Afterburner. It will work on any GPU and agrees with all Anti-Virus as far as I know.


Also try Sapphire Trixx.  Or just disable your antivirus or put in an exception.

I have 2 HIS 270x's and can tell you their software is CRAP. I love the cards but only use Asus GPU Tweak for OC'ing. Have a look at what ram you ended up with on your card, one of mine has Samsung and the other is Hynix. COnfused me as I was reading early reviews and had read that they were only using Elpida. 

The CCC works well enough if you aren't touching voltage. I am not that big of a fan of the new layout though. I guess the graph looking thing is cool. I wish they would add custom fan profiles to it. 

I'm using a 7970 from sapphire and i've been able to use Trixx, Afterburner, Asus gpu tweak, and of course CCC. Personally, i use a modded version of Trixx for voltage/bug fixes and i'm running stable at 1200/1700 @1.2 volts. For the past 6 months too!! 

I personally only use trixx, only thing that was able to modify my 7950's voltage, now I'm at 1100mhz, and  I forget what the vram is at with a decent bit of head room, could probably get 1200mhz but really no need to at only 1080p.