Can't move apps to SD card. Despite having phone rooted

Keep getting this not enough space message with is bull because it's a 32GB with maybe 2 gigs used. Phone has been rooted and Link2SD was installed to try to fix the issue but so far nothing.

Phone is a ZTE Z716BL runnng 5.1

Just want Kodi on SD card

If it's a cheap MicroSD card, it could be a 2GB card masquerading as 32GB.

is you sd card formated as ext4? fat32 sd cards dont support the dynamic linking that ext4 does.

I can format it however. I think it's fat32 though

format it as ext4

Ok waiting on root again. Had to reboot. Then what?

@Dje4321 gave a good hint but didn't tell everything I guess. To use Link2SD you need to do a partition on the SD card that's ext4 and leave the rest that you want to use as accessible storage for media and stuff as FAT32. After you created the partition check with an app on Android if the system is able to see the partition. Than go into Link2SD and link the app to the SD. But remember that if you unmount the SD card while the device is on for some reason the app will disappear and bad things will happen. Also I've found Link2SD to be a bit finiky so beware.
(Both partitions must be set as Primary and Active else nothing will work).