Can't launch windows? Blinking cursor after BIOS

So I have recent decied to update my cracked version of windows however i ran into a problem when i tried to restart my computer. After installing over 150 updates my computer has not been able to get into windows. I can get into bios however after that, when the starting windows screen should come up I am stuck with a blinking cursor in the top left corner of my screen. 
I have already checked my boot order, celared cmos, unplugged everything except for display and keyboard+mouse and i still have the same problem.
I am trying to find my windows CD to do a fresh install or repair but I was honestly hoping for an easier solution.

AsRock z77 extreme 4 - mobo

GSkill ripjaws 8gb 1600 - ram

Intel i5 3330 3.0 gHz - CPU

Gigabyte gtx 560 - GPU

Seagate Momentus XT 750Gb - HDD

This is where i would also like to mention that my hdd is not appropriate for using as a main os drive. I pulled it out of my old usb portable plug n play just for the sake of having a hdd. 

oh, if you have usb3.0 devices plugged in, disconnect them on boot

tried that
ive unplugged everything from the outside except for monitor and keyboard+mouse 

Will it start in safemode at all?

Nah, i dont have a chance to get to that screen
its just BIOS screen (then i can get into my settings and stuff)
after that its just the blinking cursor  

well unless something else is messed up you should still be able to get to the safemode settings by spamming F8 when the Asrock logo loads up... Did you ever burn yourself a Windows Startup repair disc?

Its not even possible to get into safe mode. There is no otion that comes up and spamming f8 does nothing.
I dont have any repair discs or anything like that, and it wouldnt even be any use to me since i dont have a dvd player in the computer

im beginning to suspect that my hard drive has become curroupt and that the windows files arent even on there anymore 

The same thing happened to me once.

First check if your hard disk is getting detected in the bios.

Secondly make sure the HDD is not making some clipping sounds.

Then...You can try this, make a bootable usb and boot from the usb.

Now there is an option of "Windows startup repair" in windows 7 (Guessing Windows 7!)

If it works you will be able to save all your files. Otherwise format and do a fresh install.

haha yea its win7, i guess i forgot to mention that :P

so ive found a copy of windows and used someones usb to boot from. Unfortunately it was a different version of windows so i couldnt run a startup repair, however it came up with heaps of messages saying that files are curroupt and unreadable.

So i guess the next step for me to do is reinstall windows :D