Cant install windows 8

hello, i have recently built my new PC and cannot install windows on it every time i try i get the load driver "a media driver your computer needs is missing" i have tried various things from sata drivers to usb some people have said change the port ect. and nothing seems to work when i got the driver it just says no new device drivers were found.

if anyone has a solution to this please let me know asap thanks.



AMD FX-6300 - CPU

Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P - Motherboard

Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 - GPU

1TB seagate barracuda - Hard Drive

OCZ 750w - PSU

Corsair Vengance 1866 mhz  8gb - RAM

Are you installing via Disk or USB?

Are you installing GPT with full UEFI support?  If you don't know what that is then please go into bios and make sure that its set to legacy or that CSM is set to always.

I had that same issue and I was using a USB and I fixed my issue by reburning the drive with different programs


i'm installing via USB and i have check the bios and CSM is set to allways. not sure about the first part. i used ultra iso to create the bootable usb

yeah i have tried many different programs to create the bootable USB and all seem to come up with the same error. and unfortunately i didn't get a DVD drive.

when you say check it is set to legacy are you talking about boot mode selection? because mine is set to legacy + UEFI

use this! this is what I used and personally think that it rocks


oh thanks i'll try it and reply here if it worked.

nope still didn't work :(

also tried to install via cd/dvd and still didn't work

On Gigabytes website it has an AHCI preinstall driver which you would need.  Have you tried that particular one?  Otherwise you will have to go into Bios and make it IDE mode in sata options but that makes for less performance.

I use Rufus to make my USB's but the program doesn't seem to be your problem.

Do you have the latest bios installed?

I was wondering if you did a partition on your hard disk sometimes it is not working cause the memory is not enough .In Finland country where i use to do data analyysi or data analysis i tried to install also windows 8 and one of my problem is that i am lacking a memory and some are easy to do cause when i am installing it i am asking google for some reason which i tried and it is successfully done.