Can't install microsoft office professional 2007 on VB

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I have installed a legitmate copy of Windows 7 onto virtualbox using a live CD and installing the guest OS. But when I go to run the installer for office 2007 it gets halfway and then says setup cannot find setup.exe.

How do I fix this?

Try copying the whole cd(s) into a directory (folder) in Windows and run it from there. This worked for me with an earlier copy office. The same goes for any Windows app really.

Thanks, will do

Better yet, you should download playonlinux and then install office 2007 in wine. You will have a MUCH better experience.

No I still get the same error

Try using Libreoffice its free and lots of support.

If you have any other Windows apps, try installing one of those. If it works then it might suggest your office CD(s) have some kind of corruption.

I have used the disk after on my windows partition and it installed fine. The problem with moving over to libreoffice is that I can't open files. I need this for my maths homework. Otherwise I would make an effort to switch.

What type of files? And what version of libreoffice?

Somehow I got it working! think it was to with permissions where I wasn't part of the vboxusers. I think I overlooked this on the video. Maybe it was to do with my graphics drivers that I have got somewhat working (the open source ones on the xorgs ppa) meaning I can now play CS GO with some stutter on everything including my browser.