Can't go back to stock clocks after overclocking

Hi all,

I have a 3570k running at 4.6 ghz on my asus p8z77v-lk with an offset voltage of .110. I have a xigmatek dark knight knight hawk cooler and it gives me reasonable temps

anyway alls good i got that stable and theres been no problems but now i feel that is a little excessive and i won't to go back to something like 4.2 to get cooler temps. Now i went to change the mulitplier to 42 as im its only on 100mhz but when i booted nothing had changed still running at 4.6. I set defaults in my OS to try and start from scratch but the offset voltage changed and it wouldn't boot as there wasn't enough voltage to it because it was still trying to run at 4.6. 

Pretty much i can't change my multiplier but everything else is fine like i can vary voltages but thats just means it destabilises my 4.6 overclock.

I've reflashed my bios but still no change and im not sure where to go from here i don't really want to reseat my cpu as I have no thermal paste.

If anyones heard of something similar any help would be appreciated


Contact ASUS about it. Could just be a faulty board. Very weird problem, though... how was the cpu stable after reflashing the bios, though? wouldn't it have reset the voltage even if the multiplier is stuck?

It wasn't stable I had to bump offset back up to .110v

Reset the bios by removeing the bios battery for 2-3 mins then replace it.

That should fully reset the bios.

Thank you so much, I can't believe I overlooked such a simple solution it is usually my go to fix for other bios issues