Can't get rid of trojan file on my desktop

I am running windows 8 and i downloaded a metro last light crack to get it working, and it does. But when it downloaded there was a unnecessary file called metro.exe and it is on my desktop and in the metro game folder. ever since that file has been there it has made my desktop unchangeable, i can't put files on my desktop, delete them or create shortcuts. I can't delete it, help?!

Have you tried scanning it or your system with Malwarebytes?

i used advanced systemcare 7 pro and iobit malware fighter, no help.

Download and run a full system scan with this free program, it should do the trick (click the green button top right through the link provided below)

I would try restaring in safe mode, and then try to delete that file,  press ctrl + shift + esc and go to the startup tab, then check that the same file is not set to load at startup, if it is disable it from startup too after deleting it.

Try booting in safe mode and deleting, if that fails to work use command line (use /F /S flags), then if that fails load some OS onto a flash drive, boot from it and manually delete it. Although I would use a proper antivirus if I was you.

Use a Linux Live CD/USB-drive for example this one :

burn the .iso onto a CD (or make a bootable usb stick) and boot from it.

and send the file you suspect to contain the virus to:

That will tell you what virus it is exactly: then google how to remove that virus

If it is a common virus you will find a removal tool from a reputable anti virus company that will take care of it.

worked perfectly thanks a lot!