Cant get 2nd graphics card for multi monitor to output

Hi i want to use one of my spare old graphics card to run a 2nd and/or 3rd monitor as my primary gpu doesn't have the io to do so without buying active adapters for display port and i have multiple spare cards to use.
the gpu appears in device manager but not in the radeon software and isn't outputting a signal
I need help please system info as follows

intel i5 750
asus p9p55d pro motherboard
16 gb g skill ripjaws 1600 ddr3
sapphire r9 390 nitro (primary)
msi hd 5770 (secondary)

Since you have other cards I'd try a different card before going very far in trying to diagnose this one.

unless its a kvm and 2nd gpu is passed through, you won't be able to get signal from 2nd gpu.

The 5770 doesn't support the latest drivers and only just barely support a beta version of crimson drivers and will run very bad with it.

To my knowledge you have to use the original catalyst control center with that card. My secondary machine is actually a crossfire 5770 machine.

they're all identical i had em 3x crossfire till i upgraded

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