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Can't finde Firmware for LSI 1068E(C0) (Orcale Sun F20)


Hi everyone,

I just bought an Oracle Sun F20 Flash Accellerator for a ZFS pool. I installed the card in my Dell R710 and connected it accordingly - however it does not spin up the drives and therefore cannot detect the drives. Since the firmware is quite old I wanted to upgrade it, but I can’t seem to find any. Does anyone have a clue?

Here’s the output of sasflash:

130 [email protected] ..S1068E Controllers(P21)Linux/Flash/LSI # ./sasflash -listall                                                                                                                                   :(

    LSI Corporation SAS FLASH Utility.

    SASFlash Version (2011.08.24) 

    Copyright (c) 2006-2011 LSI Corporation. All rights reserved.

        Adapter Selected is a LSI SAS 1068E(C0):

 Num   Ctlr      FW Ver     NVDATA   x86-BIOS     EFI-BSD    PCI Addr

1   1068E(C0)  2d.02    No Image   00:06:00:00

Finished Processing Commands Successfully.
        Exiting SASFlash.

Whenever I try flashing an image:

[email protected] ..S1068E Controllers(P21)Linux/Flash/LSI # ./sasflash -o -f 3081ETB3.fw -b mptsas.rom     

    LSI Corporation SAS FLASH Utility.

    SASFlash Version (2011.08.24) 

    Copyright (c) 2006-2011 LSI Corporation. All rights reserved.

        Advanced Mode Set

        Adapter Selected is a LSI SAS 1068E(C0):

        Executing Operation: Flash Firmware Image

                Checksum Passed: 00000000

                ERROR: The Firmware Image is for a 106e b3 LSI SAS Controller,
                but the target adapter is a 106e c0 LSI SAS Controller

        Due to error remaining commands will not be executed.
        Unable to Process Commands.
        Exiting SASFlash.

Thanks for the help!



I love a good mystery. is the Internet-Archived site that is linked by your manual on page 43 (As denoted by the manual’s quirky page numbering) after a few redirects.

Unfortunately, Broadcom took over LSI several years back, so you’ll have to use the Internet archive link to find the name of the firmware (As I linked above), and search for that on Broadcom’s site

The LSI 1068e is the chip on your card, which is on some other cards as well, so if you run out of luck, you could try the IBM version or the Supermicro version, if you’re just updating the chip firmware.

I haven’t carried you across the finish line, but hopefully this can give you (or someone else) a good jumping point.



Thanks for your help! I have tried nearly everything - I just got an response from broadcom that they do not support OEM hardware and therefore cannot provide any information.

I just can’t find a firmware for the c0 revision of the card! From a0 to b3 there is plenty but for the c0 revision are just forum threads with people looking for the firmware!

Thanks for your help!



Hi Matthias,

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have a few questions for you:

Do you still have your F20, and did you get it working?

When you say you connected the F20 it wouldn’t spin up the drives. Are you referring to the flash module “drives”, or do you have external drives connected via the internal SAS port on the card? If the latter, be aware that the SAS port is not active. While I have it on good authority that the port/phys can be enabled, I haven’t figured out how to do it with sasflash or mptutil (in FreeBSD).

The most recent firmware for the F20 is indeed the While the F20 is based on the LSI 3081E, it’s not the same thing.

I found out the hard way when I inadvertently flashed newer (P20) C0 firmware to the card. Luckily, I saved the old firmware and ROM, and was able to restore them. However, I failed to save the NVRAM, and currently have a bricked F20.

If you happen to have your F20, and can run sasflash on it, I’d be grateful if you could grab a copy of the NVRAM. I’m hoping I can resurrect my F20 with valid NVRAM.



I just created an account so I could help you out. I have an F20. I cannot attach the files since I’m a “new user”. So here’s a hyperlink. It should be good for a while, but if you could upload it to this thread for others as a long-term solution, I’d appreciate it.

My firmware version is the latest ( If someone has an IR version, I’d love to give that a whirl. I believe my friend’s card has an IR firmware. I won’t be able to check for several weeks though.