Can't find team group dark L3 120 ssd in windows

hello, a while ago i bought a team group dark L3 120gb ssd i puted it in to my system and didn't find it this was with a old motherboard so i figured that it was because it was on a sata 2 port (i'm not sure what sata port it was) then a few days ago i got a new motherboard and a new cpu (asus Z97-A and a I7 4790k) and still when i'm in windows i can't find the drive while i'm in the bios i can see the drive but it's nowhere to be found in windows. Have anyone had the same problem and if so what did you do and does anyone have any tips for how i should fix this?

Use Disk Management to setup the SDD.


Thanks that actully worked

Disk Management allows you see all the drives connected whether they're initialized or not, and partitioned or not.

Don't mention it.