Cant find drivers for Gigabyte Motherboard, please help!

Hi there,
I have just purchased a Gigabyte GA-78LMTUSB3 motherboard. I am trying to get hold of the newest drivers for it, I have the rev 4.1 version of the mobo. On the website I can only get the USB 3.0 drivers, and no other types ( I am trying to find the drivers as I don't want to have to install a disk drive into my PC to get the drivers off the disk. What could I do? I am running 64bit Windows 8.1.
I would be extremely greatful for any help!

Assuming you are installing Windows 8.1, the remaining drivers will be installed by the O/S

Stop posting new threads on this same topic!

I just answered in your other thread. Go read it.

Thank you!