Cant download and seed torrent on my pfsense old pc

cant download and seed torrent on my pfsense old pc and all ports are open for it

there are rules in nat for the port and also in the firewall all ports are open all of it ..... & the rules are for the wifi and wan and lan ......... i dont know why my utorrnet want download or seed files i had ...... > if i use my isp router the torrent works great with no problems
wan is for the internet connection .... > the lan is to setup the pfsense ..... > wifi is for my laptops

the problem had been solved thx to a bro Qain

What? Pfsense does not have any functionality to do anything with torrents.

Do you mean that your seed box is not able to do anything? If so, tell us more about your infrastructure and how things are setup. Saying it doesn't work is practically useless without more information.

i did change the topic ... just like that my pfsense with the rules in firewall and nat forw wont let utorrent to download

Still you have not shared enough info as per request. What are your current firewall rules and settings?

WAN TCP/UDP * * WAN address 400 - 65535 400 - 65535

And the LAN side settings?

IPv4 TCP/UDP	*	*	LAN address	400 - 65535	*	none	 	torrent 

IPv4 TCP/UDP	*	*	OPT1 address	400 - 65535	*	none	 	torrent

Your destination is set to the pfsense interface address, you need to change it to any to allow traffic to the internet.

so i have to put all in any
and it will work

And that is the settings under Firewall -> LAN? If so I'm surprised anything works.

As a seed box will open any ports it requires when it calls out to the tracker you shouldn't require any special rules.

You do not need any special rules on the firewall WAN side. Just on the LAN side you need any any rules.

Like so:

just like that wow :3

still not working

Have you considered it maybe the firewall of the computer running said software?

Can you send a screenshot of the firewall settings?

this is the lan

and this is the wifi

That should work. What do your NAT and WAN settings look like? You can also check the firewall log in the system log page, it will tell you if anything is being blocked, but with those rules everything should be allowed out.

on the nat rules i cant put is on any ip or any destination

That's right, you should set it to any source, destination address should be wan address, destination port should be whatever port your torrent client uses and NAT IP should be the IP address of the computer running the client, it should then automatically make a wan rule. Make sure you don't have an allow all rule for your wan, you just want the NAT rule

the solution of it

thx to a friend Qain