Can't decide

I'm in the process of putting together a new build and can't decide on an SSD. All i want is the best performance and money isnt really an issue just something around $200 nothing really over $250 but i can if the speed is worth it. these are the ones which i'm thinking of getting.

It will be used to install the os and all of my programs. I will be gaming and doing 3d cad rendering and designing and just can't make a decision.

ok thanks, do you know weather the warranty for the rest is worldwide , or atleast to Australia?

also, what about the gtx's write speed, isn't it a little low?

You no like Samsung bro? :(


no problem with them, do they perform better than the corsairs

Performance with SSDs is marginal.

What isn't marginal is the price difference.

And Samsung is the premier memory manufactuer in the world.

And it has a 3 year warranty.

But if you want to compare specs:

Samsung Evo 250 gb:

Seq: read speed= 540mb/s

Seq. write speed= 520 mb/s

upto 97K IOPS


Corsair Force GT 240gb:

Seq: read speed= 555 mb/s

Seq. write speed= 525 mb/s

upto 85,000 IOPS


ok thanks, looks like im going with a samsung, what is the difference between the pro and evo?

asus's official page is down so these numbers may be somewhat inaccurate

read speed= 830 mb/s

write speed= 810 mb/s

look here:

although that is very nice that might be a bit too much. im not rich or anything.

i recon ill just get the evo seems better for the money

Glad I could help. I just overclocked my 8320 to 4.4 ghz and I'm now running 3DMARK11 to test it out!!! 

4.4ghz hehe!

If you are going with Samsung, go for the best. The 840 pro is not that much faster than the evo now, costs a more but comes with a 5 year warranty and MLC flash instead of TLC, so it's going to last long. You were already looking at drives that are in the price range of the 840 pro.

Oh a said note, SCREW AMAZONG PRICE BUMPING. A difference of $150 is insane

i'd say no to ocz, i had to rma one

I had to RMA several asus products several times, but I will always recommend them


Amazon doesn't even sell it.  Those $500+ prices were from 5 Amazon Marketplace sellers shipping out of Japan.

I'm using Samsung 830 series SSDs in two machines and have been very happy with them.  If/when I upgrade or replace them, I'll be getting Samsung 840s (or whatever their latest models are). 

I have a Samsung 500GB 840 EVO and with a sub 15 sec boot, I am very happy with it.

I would chose something between Kingston HyperX or OCZ