Can't decide wich SSD

I want to buy an ssd but can't decide wich one. When I saw logans video about the HyperX I was pretty set on that one but I heard lots of bad things about sandforce controllers and problems with the HyperX in combination with certain hardware. Now I can't decide between the Crucial M4, the Vertex 4 and the HyperX (looking at 120gb/128gb models).
Is the Vertex 4 reliable with the new frimware and really faster in the real world than the M4 and HyperX? 

Crucial M4. Reliable, fast reads, easy to set up. Not worth going with any OCZ crap which might bluescreen in a couple of weeks.


I would try some of the Patriot SDD's. I didn't have any experiance of them. But I do own one of their flash drives. works pretty good. Durable as fuck.

isn't the m4 a little bit outdated?

The Vertex 4 is just a marketing gimmick, imo. OCZ is just trying to show off that they have their own controller now. The Vertex 3 Max IOPS is probably actually faster than the Vertex 4.

What everyone says about the sandforce controllers is just paranoia. I have a Patriot Wildfire and it works amazingly. Provided, the first one I got was DOA, but sometimes you just get bad hardware. Theyre customer service got a new drive to me in a couple of weeks. Don't shy away from Sandforce just because people have a stigma against it.

Out of those, I would get either the HyperX or Crucial M4. The M4 isn't outdated; it's just known for its stability and it competes pretty well with the Sandforce SSD's when it comes to speed. Also check out the Vertex 3 and Patriot Wildfire.

I would advise you to stay away from Corsair and the lower end OCZ stuff though.

HyperX 3k. Ridiculously fast. 

I was pretty set on the vertex 4 becease of benchmarks I found online but because of your advice I think I'm going for the HyperX or the M4. I'm leaning towards the HyperX beceause it's faster.

Will I notice the lowwer write speeds on the M4 because if I go for the M4 I might be able to afford a 256gb model. I will be doing gaming mainly and some casual photoshopping. really good price right now.


I can't comment on the M4. Maybe Logan can. Synthetic benchmarks and all the specs don't matter as much as I once thought when it comes to SSDs. It was his recommendation that got me to buy the HyperX 3K because it was the fastest under real world OS operation compared to the latest drive from OCZ I believe. 

If you download the latest firmware for the M4, you should see faster write speeds. If I remember correctly, the M4 actually has comparable write speeds as the sandforce drives as long as you install the latest firmware.

I've been using a crucial m4 for about a year with no real problems. Yesterday however i bought a Hyperx 3k because the m4 was only 60gb and i found that it ran out of space faster than i'd like. The 120gb Hyperx only cost £65 from Scan, an absolute bargain.

I'm going for the 256gb M4. I rather have twice the amount of storage than faster speeds.

Nope, not atall.

Crutial update their SSD's firmware to improve the perfvormance of it.

So unlike other companies such as OCZ, Instead of Crutial releasing a new more expensive 'M4 Extreme' that is faster/ more expensive, they just release the firmware for free, no other companies do this.

Other companies just bring out the exact same SSD, put a different sticker on it and uploud the newer firmware thats faster, and sell it for more money, instead of just letting people update the firmware on their SSD's they already have, and updating the firmware on the latest batch from thge factory.

Crutial M4's have proven to be allong with Intel the most reliable SSD's, and with the latest firmare (which they should come with already installed) they are just as fast in real world usage as other SSD's

Good choice, M4's arent slow either mate.... with the latest firmware they are on par in real world usage with all other SSD's. 

Wow, I bought a Crucial M4 not long ago. Looking at the prices now, they've dropped significantly. Only £58 on good ol' ebuyer compared to £75 when I bought it a few months ago.

Yeah, SSDs are finally at least starting to become affordable.

So which is better m4 or 3k