Cant decide which motherboard to buy

ive been watching some motherboards and cant decide wich one to buy

i like this 3:

MSI z87 MPower Max

Gigabyte z87 G1 Sniper 5

Asus Maximus VI Extreme


i really like the msi one, im using one right now and never had an issue with it thats why i like it, but i want to upgrade my rig so i wanna buy an i7 4770k and a new motherboard

ive never used gigabyte or asus before but i saw that they are pretty good too and i cant decide which one to buy.

ASUS software sucks and is buggy as hell

Go for the MSI Mpower max.

I have always liked gygabyte, but MSI has been making some nice stuff lately. Their z87 series is pretty tight.

I used a Gigabyte board for the first time on this x79 build so they get a plus from me. But really don't think you could go wrong with any of those boards. Just make sure it has what your looking for in in the ports and what not

I swore by Gigabyte products for years until I ran into issues with some of their motherboards (775, 1156 and 1366 version across multiple systems) and switched to ASRock boards. They are competitively priced and are packed with features. Have a squiz at the ASRock Z87 Extreme4.

well there is a  diffrence between those three boards.

the gigabyte sniper 5 and the asus Maximus VI extreme are  highend class, the msi Z87 mpower max is semi highend.  but the mpower Max will be a great mobo. but if you want the best msi board to get, then take a look at the Msi Z87 Xpower with 32 powerphases if im right ☺. thats probably one of the best overclocker boards, next to the Asus Maximus VI Extreme

But the Msi Z87 Mpower max will is realy a nice board, for a realy good price in my opinnion. i personaly a big fan of msi´s mpower and xpower line... ☺ to bad they never made and AM3+ version :(

Thank you for the responses, i think ill get the msi mpower max, the xpower was my first choise but its xl-atx, it doesnt fit in my case and im not from USA and i cant buy a case that supports xl-atx here, so ill have to buy it from USA and the shipping would be really expensive cuz its a big box, all i can get in here is a case that supports e-atx.