Can't decide. r9 290x with 4gb or 8gb?

I have to make a choice today on what to get. Ether get the r9 290x with 8gb ofvram

Or get the r9 290x with 4gb or ram.


What should I get?


It depends on what resolution you are gaming on. To future proof your system to handle 4k the 8GB seems like a clear winner but if you plan on sticking with 1440p/1080p for a while the 4GB should handle (max) pretty much everything you're likely going to throw at it.

I recently upgraded my now aging X58 i7 920 build to a 280x from a 5870 for $134.99 (15% sitewide ebay coupon got me the price from a good deal of $150) off eBay and have been able to max out all my games at 1080p no problem. 

In the mean time I'd consider buying a cheaper used card, at least until a newer series of cards where 8GB is more of a standard comes out.

From the few 8Gb card reviews I have seen the benefit in high res gaming seems to only be a few FPS at best. The only game I am aware of that will (can?) use > 4GB is X-Plane X when you are running lots of high res custom textures. I can max out a 3GB R9-280X on a single 1080p screen with that sim and custom texture maps of London! 

I doubt buying an 8Gb current gen graphics card will really future proof you. Regardless of how much RAM it has it's performance will be less than a newer card with better GPU architecture and less RAM. Do you need a new card right now? The next-gen AMD cards are rumored to be out within 6 months.

Of course if  you really need it, then why not? Else put the money towards something else like a better monitor etc.

I would like to get a neweramdr9 390x non reference cards. 

4GB card hands down, otherwise you're paying for something you Don't need and Won't use.

The only reason you'd need 8Gb is if you run ultra texture mods on skyrim and other games or need it for openCL compute applications. Linus was only able to peak above ONCE 4GB on his triple 290x 8GB video when he was playing at 10320x1440, and that was on shadow of mordors extreme texture setting. THat being said even if you were able to use more than 4GB a sinlge 290x is not enough to keep the framerate high enough so make it playable.

we'll have to see when more info gets released. a lot of people here are on the hype train.

I will get the r9 290x with 4gb. Its chapter when I get a 860 watt PSU with it. Thanks for the information.