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Can't debug BSOD

Hey, following the example in this thread: Windows BSOD or other issue? Read here first! here’s what’s going on:

  • Random BSODs on multiple versions of windows, current installed version is Windows enterprise 1903. I’ve tried around 5 builds from 2016 to 2019, professional edition, home edition, please help me slaanesh edition, you call it. Same behavior.
  • Tested memory, CPU, hard drives, hardware seems to be fine. But it’s difficult to debug since i don’t have windows on any other machine and BSOD happens at random, can take a minute or 10 hours.
  • Happens with a single program open or when rendering a complex application that uses up all memory. For a long time i thought it was memory related, doesn’t seem to be (since i could never get any crash or error on linux).
  • No anti virus installed.

Here are the dump files from recent BSODs (mediafire seems to have gone full megaupload, i can upload somewhere else if necessary):

I welcome any help anyone can provide. It’s been a few months and at this point i don’t know what else could be causing these BSODs.


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I’ll have to take a look at the dumps after work, for now, what hardware do you currently run on?

GTX 1060, ryzen 1600, don’t remember the rest right now (it isn’t my working computer, i can provide more info later if necessary)


it’s honestly probabl;y a driver, most likely graphics driver.

rtx is 20 series.

Seems likely that it could be an nvidia driver issue.

I would recommend DDU and a fresh install of the standard nvidia driver.


Holy shit, one of the first things i’ve done after all this formatting was installing the nvidia drivers. It could be it.

I’ll try it tonight and report by the end of the week or earlier if i get another bsod. Thanks a lot!

On an unrelated note, older official nvidia drivers should work fine, right? I’m using this PC for architecture software, so the default driver probably won’t cut it for rendering complex projects.

I dont see why you would need the older drivers but if you suspect they give you issues then sure.

wait if the nvidia driver is causing this, wouldn’t the latest version be the problem?

:man_shrugging: that assumes you were running the latest version in the first place. I have no idea.

Oh, sorry, i was. I installed the system, downloaded nvidia drivers from the official website. I’ll try uninstalling the drivers and using the computer for a while. The installing older versions. Thanks for the help.

Well, still getting BSODs even without the drivers… any idea on what i can try? I don’t really notice any patterns, the BSODs happen at random, sometimes more frequently, sometimes not at all.

Here’s an updated minidump:


if any of you got some free time, i really don’t know what to test at this point. Thanks in advance for your time.

How many sticks of RAM you have in that system and are they OC’d?

Just one 8gb non-OC’d stick.

Have you done a memtest yet? The BSODs keep blaming Memory Corruption.

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Yeah… I’ve done normal memtest and software assisted memtest. Both give 0 errors. I could try a different memory stick this week though.

edit: Well, it does seem to be a bad memory stick. Thanks for the help everyone.

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Good to hear. I wasnt present in a capacity to help… but glad your issue is figured out :slight_smile:

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