Can't boot into linux mint

so, I just installed linux mint, however, when installing, it didn't detect I also had windows installed, so it didn't show the option to install alongside windows, so I just clicked on the last option, created my partitions and installed it, but now when I start my computer it just goes straight to windows, and I can't start into linux. I'm guessing I need to get it to detect windows when installing, but how do I get it to do that?

The easiest way to do this is to get a separate hdd or ssd for linux and boot from you bios by choosing that drive. If you are installing this os on the same drive as windows it should detect the windows os in the instillation and give you an option to boot along side windows in which case you would be choosing wich os from a grub boot loader.

that's the problem, it doesn't detect I have windows installed.

what version of Linux mint are you using and what is your computers specs

17.3 rosa xfce
amd 8320
amd r9380
asus m5a99x evo r2
16GB ddr3 (4x4)

And is this being installed to the same disk as the windows os. Also the Linux mint website was hacked a little while ago just a few days ago infact so they could be having problems with there iso right now.

yes, to the same disk. and I downloaded it after the incident was over.

You do not have to re-install. You just need to fix the bootloader.

Use boot repair with the second option with a live usb:

If when rebooting you only see linux on the grub list login to Linux and run ¨sudo update-grub¨ on a terminal and both should appear on the list fine.

Its a common glitch with some cases that grub is not correctly installed. Has to do with a number of things like BIOS, the motherboard and a few crap the Windows bootloader might do. .


it worked, thanks.


Like I said from the other post can be a challenge but hey great job you got it working and learned something new in the process.

good catch beat me to it