Canon sl1 or t3i for youtube

Soooo im looking to buy either one 2nd hand. The sl1 comes with the camera, 2 lenses, and an sd card w/ battery of course. The lenses are 18-55 and 75-300mm for the sl1 all for 450. The t3i comes with 1 18-55mm lens 2 batteries and an sd card for 300. Im looking for video quality and photo as well cause i'll be using this for youtube videos as well. Was wondering which one is better suited for it. Eventually i'll be getting better gear as casey neistat as my inspiration for getting into DSLR videos, movies etc etc. So which is better?

T3i HANDS down.

My only issue, is that you would probably be better off finding and even cheaper camera body.

Just look for a body only with a battery.

Once you find a super cheap body, then you can go buy a new decent quality after market lens. Nothing crazy, but try to get something better than the stock lens.

Make sure you do not forget to get a quality mic setup. So many people forget the mic when they purchase a camera and it really sets them back.

would it really be easy to find a body only t3i camera or dslr in general? And is the kit lens that shitty lol

The kit lens for the most part doesn't use quality glass or none(as far as I know). So yeah.

I found 3 on craigslist for 130-200

IDK about your area.

You CAN find them, it just takes a bit of digging. Plus these things are always on ebay.

If you want to go head hunting for a good price on ebay, you certainly can as well.

And I should add that the stock lenses are not bad, but they are not great. I like to do a lot of nature photography and I like to make fairly large prints. With nature scenes, the picture has to be super super sharp to really make the colors and scenery pop.

Those stock lenses just can not cut it. You can have all the light in the world, and have a magic levitating tripod, with a stupid low shutter speed, and the image is just not going to be as crisp as you would get with a good quality lens and minimal setup.

This could be different for film, but I am fairly confident it is not considering my friend who was a film student really seemed to like to use prime lenses which are insanely sharp.

If you are using it for mostly static shooting, Definitely go the t3i and get yourself a nice prime lens at the focal length you want.