Canon Printer

Having issues trying to get my canon printer working on ubuntu how do i go about getting drivers for it , Soz been a windows user for years and only now have discovered ubuntu on dual boot installed it a few times on mates machines but never tried running it as my main system.

Depends on what printer model it is. Most work with the canon open source driver, some have proprietary wireless hardware, and in order to print through the wireless connection, require the proprietary Canon driver.

Ubuntu/Debian doesn't offer that much choice in drivers when it uses proprietary stuff. If you really can't get it to work as it should (e.g. multifunctional including wireless scanning and printing), grab Manjaro instead of Ubuntu, and you'll find the exact drivers and application software on the AUR. But first try with the Canon provided software and drivers if the open source drivers don't work. The problem with Canon is that they don't provide working drivers on all of their regional websites. I usually use those provided by Canon UK, they've been working for me, but then I don't use Ubuntu, I use RPM-distros mainly, so it might vary I'm afraid, Canon is pretty annoying when it comes to drivers, their Windows and Apple drivers are just as flaky.

I know it doesn't help you now but HP printer support for Linux is great. Just about the only reason I always buy HP printers... All of the printer functions work just fine, including the scanner and wireless. The HP software is in the Ubuntu repo.