Canon Maxify MB5420 driver Linux?

So, about a week ago I picked up a Canon Maxify MB2720, but the thing was dead on arrival. After the rma, Canon just sent me a Maxify MB5420. The only issue, there isn't a Linux driver listed on their site.

The MB2720 page's driver section is broken and the MB5420 doesn't have a Linux driver listed. But, there is a driver for MB2320 listed. Does anyone know if the MB2320 driver would work?

So I did some snooping around on Canon's website, and was able to load their driver page, and there is no driver for Linux in this case. What exactly is the issue when you try to connect to the printer? (Also, are you connecting wirelessly or USB, or Ethernet?)

  • AK

It's on my network connecting through the router to it wirelessly. I've tried using various drivers for other models through gutenprint.

Cups can see the printer, but the print command fails after 20% to 40%, and just goes back to idle.

Not to shy you away from this printer, but I'd there a specific reason why you chose it vs. say a Brother? I've had only good experiences with them, but I'm not sure what your particular scenario needs.

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