Cannot Resize Linux Partition

Alright, so I have some unallocated space on my drive that I want to add to my linux partiton.

The problem is that I cannot resize the Linux partition. However, I can resize the C partition (for Windows). Probably makes sense because I was trying to do it from Windows, so it doesnt recognize the linux partition.

But the problem is that I cannot get gparted to work. I have tried it on Mint (my linux distro) and on a portable disk. I get an error where the entire drive is unallocated.When I double click the drive inside gparted, it says "Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition". I did some research, most people are saying that using Fixparts may fix it, but it could end up making matters worse, and it seems very complex.

I may just have to uninstall Linux, make a new (bigger) partition and go from there, but I'd really rather not. Thanks for your time, any help is appreicated.

One does not simply reinstall Linux :-)

What is the output of:

sudo fdisk -l

I've found a solution.

Before the Window partiton was in the middle, the linux partition was on the far left, and the unallocated space I wanted to add was on the far right. By moving the Windows partition all the way to the left so that the linux partition was right next to the unalloted space, the problem was solved.