Cannot install popOS

I wanted to install popOS on my wife’s notebook, but first I wanted her to try it for a while. Unfortunately, popOS hangs after a few minutes and a restart is required. Any ides what’s wrong?

She has this notebook/convertible:

Hangs where? At installation or during operation …
Do you use versions for Intel gpu? Is Ubuntu usually working on this?

What the logs say.
My crystal ball is currently being repaired.

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This appears to be a PEBKAC error. You may want to contact ACER and let them know their system is affected by the PEBKAC bug.

It’s very hard to fix these without paying a tech to come out and help you.

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It hangs when I boot into the live environment to let my wife test it.

Since the notebook has an Intel iGPU solution I use the Intel/AMD version of popOS I haven’t tested Ubuntu or any other version of Linux yet.

Since the computer hangs I can’t access any logs (or at least I don’t know how)

@jdfthetech Interesting, haven’t heard of this bug before. Thanks.

Try Mint or Parrot. Maybe test other kernels. Try 18.04 LTS.
If it hangs on a gui it’s probably something with some driver and compatibility or maybe UEFI / BIOS Secure Boot …

For those interested, I was able to quickly open the terminal and execute journalctl -f to get a live-update and saw the following:

SQUASHFS error: Unable to read page. Missed <n> kernel pages

I deducted the the boot usb drive must be defect and as a result made a bootstick on another usb stick. Now everything works :slight_smile:


I always find it interesting that a USB stick can be the fault for a bad/failed install. To me it doesn’t make much sense.

But anyway. I’m glad to hear you solved the issue.

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If you can, turn uefi off, quick boot on, trusted computing off, and it should (should) work fine.

No CSM nothin.

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Yeah, I didn’t even expect that.

@FaunCB I’ve turned off all that stuff.

If you guys have any input on my other issue, I’d be glad too :slight_smile:

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" … To me it doesn’t make much sense. … "

Neither does it to me, But I have a handful of cheap 8GB USB drives in my drawer that don’t.

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