Cannot hit 60 fps but ups is 60 on wayland

Hello everyone. I am having trouble getting 60 fps on UHD 770 as render i5-12500 with rtx 3060 ti and a dell ultra sharp u3818dw 3840x1600 is my igpu just the bottleneck?

So I tried using looking glass in when logging in with xorg. here i can consistently hit 60 fps & 60 ups though I do need to enable both vsync to get rid of tearing and double buffering for smoothness. i know it is possible to improve wayland with some sway tweaks but I do not know how.

These are disabled for a reason, there are better ways to remove the tearing without having to introduce the lag that vsync adds.

Do some research on “TearFree”, it’s available for both Intel and AMD and all you need to do is enable it in xorg.

Without any logs there is little I can say for sure, but I can confirm that 3840x1600 for any iGPU is too much as your GPU doesn’t have enough RAM bandwidth because it’s sharing with System RAM unlike a dGPU that has it’s own dedicated RAM.